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Animatronic Costumes
-- Baby Huey
-- Brain Muncher
-- Chest Muncher
-- From Beyond
-- Gorgon
-- Octopus
-- Sawhead
-- Creeper
-- Zombie Chest
-- Mind Flayer
-- Demon Spawn
-- Goiter Boy

Fear Generator

Helmet Cam
-- Helmet Cam Pro

-- FlashFright
-- Head Tracker
-- Spitasaurus
-- Mind Blower


Innovators in Haunt Technologies



Monster-Tronics produces unique products for haunted attractions and amusement parks worldwide, and has been showcased on televison and in the movies.  We have an incredible team of artists and technicians that create one of a kind products that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.


Monster-Tronics is owned and operated by Jeff Londos and has been in operation since 2005.


"Innovators in Haunt Technologies" is not just our tagline but is what we do. We continually strive to bring new technologies to the industry of haunting. Research and development is on-going to create products and experiences that have never been seen or felt before.


Partial Customer List:

Disney, Oceans Park, Bush Gardans SeaWorld Parks, Hollywood Wax Museum, Netherworld, Erebus, Realm of Darkness, Cutting Edge Haunted House, Kersey Valley Spookywoods, & many more.





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