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Monster-Tronics FAQ'S

What is an animatronic?

The word animatronic is taken from the word 'audio-animatronics' which was used in the early 1960's to describe the moving models and figures at Disney Land created by the Walt Disney Imagineering Company.

An animatronic is a mechanical model or puppet that can be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. Animatronics may be designed to only perform a basic range of movements or it can be incredibly complex and versatile. Through the precise construction, animatronic creatures can often seem as real to us as their flesh-and-blood counterparts.

How hard is it to use the animatronic costume?

Just a push of a button brings your costume to life. The remote control can be held in your hand, attached to a prop, glove, or worked by another actor.

Will Monster-Tronics do custom work for me?

Yes, Monster-Tronics will make a custom creature from your design to meet your needs, theme, or nightmare. Ask us for a quote! info@Monster-Tronics.com

 Do I have to point the remote control directly at the animated costume like my TV remote?

No, the Monster-Tronics remote uses RF radio frequency to transmit to the animatronic, it does not need line of sight. Your TV uses an IR (infer red) signal which needs line of sight.

Can I use a smart charger to charge the 9.6v rechargeable battery?

Yes, as long as it supports a 9.6v NMH battery. A smart charger does a better job at charging and will not overcharge your battery.

I have customers in my haunted house that like to destroy, rip, punch, etc… everything in the house. Will the animated costumes hold up to this kind of abuse?

NO…. The Monster-Tronics animated costumes use advanced electronics and should be handled as such. Handle it like you would an Ipod, you wouldn't throw your Ipod across a room, slam it into a wall, hit it with a hammer, drop it into water…you get the idea? Keep your distance for abusive customers and actors.

Will the animated costume last forever?

No, Monster-Tronics uses the highest quality parts and materials available but all electronics and motors have a life expectancy and can fail over time. Monster-Tronics covers all parts under warranty for one year which is much longer than the warranty of the individual parts themselves. If you experience problems, feel free to contact us for help. We can fix most problems very quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Can electrical or radio interference affect the operation of my animated costume?

Yes, sophisticated electronics are used to control movements and RF radio is used for the remote control. Devices like large Tulsa coils, Jacobs ladders, generators, etc… that generate large amounts of interference can affect the operation. Use the animated costume away from these devices.

I would like to repaint or touch-up my monster skin what kind of paint should I use?

Most of the flexible skins are made of latex rubber so any good paint designed for masks or latex are recommended.

Product Delivery Times

Products are made to order and delivery times vary.

Production runs of products are limited per season, so get your orders in early. Monster-Tronics will stop taking orders to insure seasonal delivery times and to maintain our great customer support.

Creature Color Schemes

Any Monster-Tronics creature can have your choice of color scheme at no additional charge.

Custom Design Work

Monster-Tronics will make a custom creature from your design to meet your needs, theme, or nightmare. Ask us for a quote! info@Monster-Tronics.com


One Year Warranty: Monster-Tronics uses the highest quality parts and materials available and guarantees its product(s) from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months effective from date shipped. Excluded from the warranty are problems caused from misuse & abuse.

Service & Support

Contact us at:
911 Moore Dr., 
Chelsea, MI 48118

Phone: 734-224-3845

Email: info@monster-tronics.com

Feel free to call or email us if you experience problems. After the warranty expires, most parts can be fixed or replaced very quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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