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News Release

Jeff Londos of Monster-Tronics has created a new haunt entertainment company called Reanimated Services.

Reanimated Services creates state of the art haunted attractions by using
technologies never used in the haunted attraction industry before. Obviously, patrons will not see these technologies but will experience the special effects they bring pummeling all senses with, sights, sounds, feelings, smells, and even taste if they dare.
When you are walking through our graveyard you'll smell the rot and decay, and when a zombies head explodes in front of you, you'll not only see it but will feel the blood splatter on you. "Our goal is to immerse people into the haunted environment like they have never been before!" says Londos.

Everything from wearable animatronic costumes that come alive right before your eyes to being hammered by infrasound which is extreme bass waves or vibrations with a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear, custom animatronic props and other special effects that you will not see anywhere else.


Contact us at:

Phone: 734-224-EVIL



Animatronic Costumes, Fear Generator, Monster-Bots, & Monster-Props

From the twisted minds that brought you the industries first animatronic costumes, Monster-Tronics is proud to announce the addition of three new product lines for 2007. In addition to releasing several new animatronic costumes that will be shown at Transworld, Monster-Tronics will unveil, for the first time, the Fear Generator, Monster-Bots & Monster-Props product lines. The Fear Generator secretly affects the emotions of your patrons using an unseen, unheard infrasonic technology. Monster-Bots are fully autonomous creatures that bring a new meaning to a scary reality and Monster-Props create an interactive scare control that has to be seen to be believed!

Some Of The New Products Spawned For 2007

- Infrasonic Fear Generator
- Monster-Props
- Spitasaurus
- Flash-Fright & Flash-Fright Pro
- Head Tracker
- Monster-Bots
- Animatronic Face Hugger
- Animatronic Zombie Costume
- Animatronic SawHead Costume
- More to come

The Chest & Brain Muncher gets a new attitude and a vicious look for 2007!!!

Friday January 19 2018

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