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Monster-Tronics Testimonials
We purchased the entire puppet package for a room in our haunt. This was one of the most talked about rooms in the haunt. When the actor in the black out suit runs the puppet after them, it floors the group almost every time. If you dont have this scene in your haunt, you are missing out.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Mark Roberts
City Blood-Ohio Haunt Reviews Links
This is a great money maker. We charge an additional $10 above our show price and the customers love it. We have not heard anything bad about the tour. These work like a charm. If you are considering to buy, do it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] Joshua Carrier

Such a unique and innovative product. Two fear generators were used in our haunt, and we continually overheard patrons speaking of anxious feelings in their chest and stomach in those areas. It blew my mind how effective, and quite bizarre, this product is.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Sarah Anderson

We used Monster-Tronics Flash Frights last year for one of our 4 haunts in the Phantasmagoria Terror Dome. Our customers loved the personalized experience that they get from carrying the Flash-Fright. The actors loved being able to time their scares because the groups were close together and easy to see. We introduced Flash-Frights during our Media Night. I walked up on a group of writers for a local paper and  DJ 's from a local radio station that were discussing how we got the Flash-Fright to go out. They said that we had purposely bought bad bulbs, altered the battery, loosened the bulbs, and that we used weak or bad batteries. I was quite amused standing behind them and hearing them discuss it. I finally went up and introduced myself and asked them if they liked the show. They immediately started probing me about the Flash-Frights and told me all of their theories. I assured them that they were all wrong but I would tell them the secret if they promised not to tell how they worked but they had to promote my show. They all agreed so told them the secret. I demonstrated all of the modes and they all started saying “Oh I knew it was something like that!”

Jerry Browne

Co-Owner of Phantasmagoria Terror Dome

We ordered your Flash Fright Pro's for our haunt last year and were very pleased with the product. We used them in one of our building haunts, non stop each night for about 5 hours a night. Not sure if we had more fun listening to them scream or yell at the person holding the flashlight to turn it back on.

Thank You Again, Mike Boudreau DEAD NORTH - Farmland of Terror ( Vermont )

"One of the most innovative and cool concepts I have seen for Haunted House costuming in years!"

Ben Armstrong

Monster-Tronics provided the animated chest piece to Netherworlds existing awesome
Harvestman costume bringing its roots to life.

"I was watching my customers run out of the cornfield like they were being chased by a chainsaw and when I went to see what they were running from it was a first year actor wearing my new Monster-Tronics product, WOW what an investment, they were scared to death"

Eddie H. McLaurin
Woods of Terror Haunted Attractions

We purchased the creeper and then finished off the total effect with long black coat, contacts, and teeth. The effect is terrifying as validated by 5 people losing bodily functions after encountering the creeper at our local Jaycees haunted house last Halloween . The creeper did line entertainment and throughout each nights 4-5 hour stint the battery pack never needed replacement and the creeper's claws functioned flawlessly, over, and over, and over.

Best of all, the actor who was wearing the creeper costume won the best haunter award from the Jaycees!

Bruce Lory

Friday January 19 2018

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